The most important thing: that your voice makes feminine music, not masculine music...

Far more important than the words you use, is the sound of your voice. To sound feminine, you don’t need to use a lot of adverbs or to favor using some words over other words—as some coaches may advise.  Using adverbs like “really” and “very” frequently on the phone will not convey woman to the listener... but the musicality of feminine voice will convey woman to the listener. The sound of your voice will trump your words, nowhere more than on the telephone.

You can learn to use feminine voice behaviors so that your voice is feminine and matches who you are.

At her first appointment, one transwomen client said: “My biggest anxiety about working on feminine voice is that I will sound effeminate rather than feminine.” Barbie Scott (now retired) has helped transwomen to find their authentic—not affected—feminine voices.  Ms. Scott has taught the three most important feminine voice behaviors, the essentials of feminine voice.

Initial voice ratings by transwomen clients about their voices before they begin coaching with Ms. Scott usually are 2s and 3s on scale of 1-10, 1 being worst, 10 being best. Their final voice ratings about their own voices are 8s and 9s.

Transgender clients have said...

Before voice coaching: “I would rather sound masculine than fake.” After voice coaching: “In the past [pre-voice coaching] I used to be ‘sir-ed’ on the phone even though I would give my [exclusively feminine] name up front.  Now that never happens.”

Satisfied ClientA weight is lifted from my shoulders now that I have fem voice. Before voice coaching, I knew that my voice could undermine all my fem presenting.”

Satisfied ClientOne client offered: “I do feel more feminine when I use the feminine voice behaviors.”

Satisfied ClientAfter hearing the very first recording of her voice followed by hearing her now feminine voice, a client said: ”Wow! Big difference!”

Satisfied ClientYet another client said after hearing her “before” and “after” recordings: “It’s a wonderful difference.”

Satisfied ClientI’m not nervous about how I’m going to sound…the cringe factor is just not there anymore…in the past when I’d hear a recording of my old voice, I’d think: God, I hate that sound.

Satisfied ClientA client hearing her voice-in-progress on recording: “It does sound feminine when I listen to it.”

Satisfied ClientI love the sound of it when I get it right.”  The same client who said this phoned me (Barbie) a couple of years after completing voice coaching with me.  I answered the phone, and upon hearing her say, “Hi, Barbie,” I couldn’t identify what woman it was who phoned me, but I definitely heard “woman.”

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“The sound of your voice will trump your words, nowhere more than on the telephone...”