When Your Voice Means Business

You can improve your voice!

Barbie Scott, M.A., C.C.C., voice coach, is a certified, licensed speech pathologist practicing in Portland, Oregon. She has been providing voice coaching, vocal image consulting, and voice improvement since 1994.

With your voice you: inform, facilitate, inspire, persuade, encourage, direct, entertain— not occasionally, but daily.

You cannot afford to struggle with periods of strained voice or voice loss, both of which can cause decreased productivity and lost income.

You cannot afford to present an unpleasant vocal image, which can result in negative impressions from your audience and/or personal dissatisfaction with your voice.

Vocal Image Consulting can help you:

  • Speak with confidence and assurance
  • Project a positive, energetic image
  • Sound appropriately authoritative


Transgender Voice:

Barbie Scott helps transwomen to find their authentic —not affected— feminine voices.  Ms. Scott teaches the three most important feminine voice behaviors, the essentials of feminine voice:

  • Higher pitch
  • Resonance tract adjustment
  • Generous mouth opening

Voice Coaching
can help you:

  • Recognize how your manner of speaking, singing, or yelling may be harmful to your voice
  • Learn new vocal behaviors which can help you reach the voice endurance you need or the vocal image you want